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Angel Burlesque

You’ll see it in the amount of categories this group swept: NUVO readers love them some Angel Burlesque. Run by local power couple Katie and Jeff Angel, the burlesque troop keeps winning the hearts (and eyes) of Indy’s performance lovers, hence they keep taking the win for NUVO’s Best Of. Katie Angel has been one of the most adamant advocates for body positivity, telling performers that the entire point of burlesque is feeling sexy as you are, not 20 pounds from now. And Angel Burlesque has started bringing in audience members who want to make the jump — or twirl — to the stage. The troupe isn’t just women; there are a few men, too. With annual shows like the Nerdy and Flirty Gen Con themed show, it’s clear they have the art of the striptease down. You can see Angel Burlesque perform at venues all over Indy.

2nd: Dance Kaleidoscope
3rd: Know No Stranger

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