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Bazbeaux Pizza

They claim to have been serving Indy’s best pie since 1986, and NUVO readers have agreed year after year. In fact, the staff here at NUVO has been known to order — WHO TOOK THE LAST SLICE OF MY COLOSSUS, DAMMIT? What? Oh, sorry. Sure, we love us some high-temp-fired thin-crust trendy stuff, but for a real Indy legend, Bazbeaux has a cr — SERIOUSLY? HAVEN’T YOU HAD LIKE TWO PLATES FULL ALREADY? Ahem. Alright. Look: It’s really good pie. And three locations, now, too, with one north in — I WILL STAB YOU WITH A FORK, SO HELP ME — Harrrrumph. Again, sorry. Just go there.

811 East Westfield Blvd., 255-5711; 329 Massachusetts Ave., 636-7662; 111 W. Main St. (Carmel), 848-4488;

2nd: Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza

3rd: Napolese

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