Best Local Place for Upscale Dining

St. Elmo Steakhouse


Celebs from Steven Tyler to Phil Simms ate there prior to Indy’s Super Bowl. The restaurant was featured in NBC’s Parks and Rec as the place Hoosier men most want to hit before their bachelor party really gets rolling. Peyton Manning used to order up a New York Strip and a Bud Light after every home game. Jim Nantz always seems to give a shout-out to the place when he’s doing Colts’ play-by-play for CBS. (Jim’s lobbying for a discount, wethinks.) It’s a classic Midwestern stekhouse. It’s an Indy institution. Oh, and the fresh horseradish in the cocktail sauce will Make You a Man (Or Woman).

127 S. Illinois St. #2, 635-0636,

2nd: Bluebeard

3rd: Mesh on Mass

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