Best Local Pork Tenderloin

Indy's Historic Steer-In


Best Local Tenderloin is a distinction not to be taken lightly. So it's a real coup for Indy's Historic Steer-In diner to take the title this year. And as a write-in pick, no less. Like many others around the city, Steer-In's is the size of a catcher's mitt, but it sets itself apart with the evident freshness of their juicy cuts of pork. It's not extravagant, just a well-seasoned slice of pig that packs flavor in every bite. See pg. 30 of this week's issue of NUVO for feature on Steer-in.

5130 E. 10th St., 356-0996,

2nd: Mug-N-Bun

3rd: Edwards Drive-In

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