Best Local Radio Newscaster

Sharon Alseth (Formerly of 90.1 WFYI)


Talk about going out on top. After six years serving up the news during the local breaks on NPR’s Morning Edition, Sharon Alseth left the station for an admin assistant gig at WGU Indiana just as voting for NUVO’s Best Of Indy got rolling. Alseth also handled producer duties for the local public radio talk show No Limits, hosted by John Krull. Before her public radio gig, she spent a decade on WIBC, handling news director duties there as well. Godspeed! Also of note: bronze medalist Steve Simpson didn’t have his contract renewed after 22 years on WIBC. Central Indiana will miss Steve’s expertise when the weather turns deadly.

2nd: Ray Steele (93.1 WIBC)

3rd: Steve Simpson (Formerly of 93.1 WIBC)

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