Best Local Radio Personalities

The Smiley Morning Show (99.5 WZPL)


After three years with Bob and Tom leading the voting, there’s a new sheriff in town this year: one of our cover peeps Dave Smiley and his crew on 99.5 WZPL have toppled the nationally-syndicated B&T laughathon in our voting. The cast — Dave, sidekick K.J., producer Will, Toni and meteorologist Paul Poteet — do a terrific job walking the line between “morning-show fun” and “abject chaos.” Radio ain’t rocket science, but wrangling a morning show is much harder than it sounds (trust us, the hours alone can kill you) — and Smiley’s been in Indy for over a decade, which is an amazing run in the world of pop broadcasting.

2nd: The Bob and Tom Show (94.7 WFBQ — Q95)

3rd: Matthew Socey (90.1 WFYI)

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