Best Local Radio Station


90.1 WFYI

This past year, WFYI moved NUVO’s Kyle Long and his show A Cultural Manifesto from their HD2 channel to the “mothership,” the FM signal. We’re not kidding ourselves, though: that’s NOT the main reason NUVO readers picked WFYI as top dog on the dial again — let’s face it, the options for actual, in-depth radio reporting are getting mighty thin, and WFYI provides some great coverage locally in addition to carrying national programs like Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Add the weekend lineup with Radiolab, Wait, Wait — Don’t Tell Me and the farewell season of A Prairie Home Companion, and you’ve got a winner. (Also of note: Newly minted old-school hip-hop station, The Beat, has taken third this year.)

2nd: WTTS
3rd: 93.9 The Beat

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