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The Oceanaire Seafood Room


The Oceanaire makes you feel like you’re on a high-end cruise and every table is the Captain’s table. From the beginning to the end of a meal here, the fruits of the ocean are treated with the utmost respect by the chef. It’s a traditional seafood house, with waiters in vests and lots of tiny, specialized utensils to really make an occasion out of digging fish away from the bones. The Oceanaire also serves up some delicious cocktails to accompany your fiesta of fish, and the staff is great at accommodating special events and parties. If you’re in the mood to spend a little coin on high-quality fish, put on your best tie and head to The Oceanaire.

30 S. Meridian St, 955-2277,

2nd: Kona Jack’s

3rd: Bluerbeard

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