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If a two-pack-a-day smoker can quit, start biking fervently and open up a shop to promote health and encourage the community to live a fitter lifestyle, there's hope for us all. BGI can teach you biking terms, safety, fitness education and how to get started cycling, which makes it a whole lot more than just a bike shop. And if fitness isn't really your thing, they can sell you a bike you'll look darn good sitting on. The recently completed 82nd Street shop is one of the Eight Wonders of Indianapolis.

(North) 4340 E. 82nd St., 842-4140; (South) 997 E. County Line Road, Greenwood, 885-7194; (Downtown) 242 E. Market St., Suite E101 Indy Bike Hub YMCA at City Market, 612-3099,

2nd: Indy Cycle Specialists

3rd: Bikes on Mass Ave

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