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Big Hat Books


Bookstores may have been closing down in recent years, but there's a reason Big Hat Books isn't going anywhere. From its cozy, East Coast beach house feel to the amazing selection of books that will have you spending hours browsing (and likely buying), Big Hat is a Broad Ripple bookstore you want to spend the night in. And with book readings, signings and workshops, it's more than just a cute place that sells books. As far as bookstores go, we'd say Big Hat is a ten-gallon. Congrats to them on their eighth win in a row!

Editor's note: This year, Indy Reads Books was a write-in candidate - and received a tremendous amount of support. Watch for them to be a competitor in next year's Best Of!

6510 Cornell Ave., 202-0203,

2nd: Indy Reads Books

3rd: Bookmamas

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