Best Local Upscale Dining

St. Elmo Steak House


No surprise here: St. Elmo tops your list for best upscale dining and its offshoot (with two locations: downtown and on 86th Street) comes in at number two. Newcomer Recess, with its clever prix fixe menu and lack of large steaks and horseradish-infused dishes, can only hope to place. Celebrity endorsements of St. Elmo abound, of course. We'll add one: Comedian Lewis Black says St. Elmo is one of his favorite things about Indy, both because of the quality of the food and because they deliver. See, it's even good in lonely hotel rooms. But better at the restaurant itself.

127 S. Illinois St., 635-0636,

2nd: Harry & Izzy's

3rd: Recess

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