Best Local Visual 3-D Artist


David Lee Pancake

When we wrote about David Lee Pancake around GenCon (yes, Gen Con is a marker in time not an event) he was in the middle of making a 11 and a half foot dragon to hang over his convention booth. His miniature to large scale fantasy pieces cover everything from scaly creatures to furry animals ready for warfare or costume pieces for the cosplayers. Fantasy artwork is even the way that he learned to read (from comic books to sci-fi novels). In 2010 Pancake was able to leave his full-time job to dedicate himself to his artwork. Today his work can be seen at most gaming conventions around the country and on his website. He also created a 3D sculpture of one of the characters in Hans Cummings’ (the third place winner in Best Local Author) book series.

2nd: Ann Tudor, LLC
3rd: Seong Yong 

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