Best Local Visual Artist

Kyle Ragsdale

It's the first year that we've asked you to pick the town's best visual artist, but it's a good bet that Kyle Ragsdale would have won this category if we introduced it a decade ago. Ragsdale has been active and well loved for about 20 years now, both for his own work (shadowy, stately, half-remembered) and for working with others as curator of the Harrison Art Gallery (since 2002) and a set designer and painter for Phoenix Theatre (since 2004). And he's been a genuine arts enthusiast since he got here; here's what Ragsdale told NUVO in 2005: "I think that this is a great town to be an artist. I feel blessed to be able to do what I love and that people are buying paintings."

2nd: Jamie Price
3rd: Kipp Normand

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