Best Local Weatherperson

Angela Buchman (13 WTHR)


If we’ve learned anything from Channel 13’s ratings, it’s that Central Indiana prefers to have its Regularly Scheduled Programming interrupted for severe weather coverage by Ms. Buchman. After spending years on WISH-TV, Buchman made a much-publicized jump to WTHR, riding out a non-compete clause in her contract between gigs. The money 13 spent on Buchman appears to have been worth it: WTHR saw double-digit ratings spikes when Buchman made the trip south to her new home in 13’s studios on Meridian. Ironically, the 8-to-13 hop was a move that paralleled her weather colleague Chris Wright — who ultimately left WTHR shortly before Buchman’s arrival. This category’s a sweep for the green-screens at WTHR: Buchman’s joined by her colleagues in second and third place. 2nd: Nicole Misencik (13 WTHR)

3rd: Chuck Lofton (13 WTHR)

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