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Scotty's Brewhouse


A sports bar is only as good as its wings, and you've opted for Scotty's. They're available with a variety of sauces, five of which are available in take-home bottles (mo'fo hot, mo'fo mild, bar-b-q, spicy bar-b-q and mo'fo mustard), as well as the quite excellent garlic teriyaki, mo'fo thai peanut and old mainstay honey mustard. Boneless wings are, of course, available. All the above options go well with any of Scotty's homemade Thr3e Wise Men brews, though the paler the better if you're opting for hotter varieties - the Centennial Martyr Double IPA should have the stones to stand up to even the mo'fo sauce.

1 Virginia Ave.,571-0808; 3905 E. 96th St., 574-0101;

2nd: Chatham Tap

3rd: Ale Emporium

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