Best Locally Produced Play

The Rocky Horror Show (Footlite Musicals at Hedback Community Theatre)


Two old favorites combined to win in this category, which is making its first Best of Indy appearance this year. Footlite has been doing its thing since 1956, and has been at its location on Alabama Street (once home to Civic Theatre) since 1974. It's an all-volunteer organization, shows are cast from open auditions and the season is chosen by a general committee. Call it true community theater. And that other old favorite? Why, the Rocky Horror Show, which remains charming and raunchy all these years later, surviving many, many imitations.

1847 Alabama St., 926-6630, 2nd: The Color Purple (The Cupboard at Athenaeum Theatre)

3rd: ZirkusGrimm (Q Artistry at Irvington Lodge)

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