Best NEW Album (after Jan 2013)

London Rose - Kick Drum


Her originals are showcased on Kick Drum, her debut solo EP, which was funded in large part through a PledgeMusic campaign she organized last year. “I spent a good portion of last summer in New York City writing and producing the EP with some talented musicians and producers,” Rose says. “I got the chance to work with Greg Camp [Smash Mouth] and Jeff Franzel [Grammy-winning singer-songwriter] as well as a team of producers based in NYC called EMW Music Group.” She spent plenty of time in the studio there, but also worked with Camp and Franzel in their homes, and sometimes, while traveling, would send voice memos and emails with notes before their time in the studio. She also dropped into the Lodge in Indy, recording some vocals and then sending them to her producer team. What resulted, Kick Drum, is a six-track, straight-ahead pop EP with a slick finish.

Check out the full feature on London Rose here.

2nd: Veseria - Voyager

3rd: Margot and The Nuclear So and So’s - Sling Shot To Heaven

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