Best New Album


(After January 2014) Bizarre Noir –
Bedtime Stories

Considering how Bizarre Noir's Bedtime Stories came to exist, it isn't difficult to understand just how the groundswell built into the band winning Best New Album. A successful Kickstarter campaign last year raised the $1,400-plus required to record and release the album, and Chris Charles says the fans have been critical throughout the process. “We've received support from our fans overseas and across the country,” he tells NUVO. “Our music seems to fill a void for people who are hungry for something different and original. When you're done listening to our music or you see a show, it sticks with you and you want to experience it again.”

2nd: Russ Baum and Huck Finn – Fricke
3rd: Rural Route 3 – Hillbillies n Hippies 

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