Best of Indy 2009: Shop Local


Best local place to shop green: Good Earth

Located just north of the Broad Ripple canal, Good Earth has been one of the city's best (and, often, only) options for buying natural, organic and otherwise green products since opening its doors in 1971. Family-run and neighborhood-friendly, the store has a wide range of food items, as well as natural body care, cosmetic and clothing options. Just as important, the staff is as committed to providing helpful, often educational, information to help shoppers make the best selection for their particular needs., 6350 Guilford Ave., 253-3709

Second: Silver in the City

Third: Green Way Supply

Best place to shop organic: Fresh Market

If you're looking for a way to escape the overwhelming world of processed food at most grocery stores, Fresh Market supports your endeavor by offering a huge selection of natural and organic products. You can sip on a free sample of coffee while walking through the store, picking out unpackaged perishables. The store has an old-style butcher and fish market, as well as a produce and floral section. Pick up fresh-baked bread at their bakery or a delicious sandwich at the delicatessan. The market has a soothing ambience, and you can pick out fresh, organic food that nourishes your body., 5415 N. College Ave., 259-9270

Second: Goose the Market

Third: Edibles

Best Farmer's Market: Broad Ripple

Featuring more than 40 local vendors selling items from apples to honey to fresh lavender, the Broad Ripple Farmer's Market has a fresh selection of natural goods at a convenient location. While the products vary by season, home grown fruits, vegetables and flowers are available from spring until fall, as well as a selection of meat and dairy items. The farmer's market is open every Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon, so instead of your weekend trip to the grocery store, support some local farmers and growers at the Broad Ripple Farmer's Market., Broad Ripple High School, 1115 Broad Ripple Ave., 251-3926

Second: City Market and Indy Winter Market (tie)

Third: Irvington

Best local spa: Villa Inn

Who doesn't love a day at the spa? And NUVO readers didn't go wrong in choosing downtown's Villa Inn as their favorite. Lush surroundings, affordable options and plenty of opportunities to indulge the senses as well as the sense of escape and rejuvenation are specialties here, as is a friendly staff. Skin care, massage therapy, body treatments, as well as a good selection of treatments for men, are all available, as are reasonable spa packages. There's also a great spa store for you to purchase items to take home and continue the relaxation., 1456 N. Delaware St., 916-5800

Second: Complexions

Third: Phillipe's

Best local health club/gym: NIFS

A staple of the IUPUI campus, and the location of some great world-class sporting events, the National Institute of Fitness and Sport is also open to the public and a great choice for a downtown gym. Standard and short-term memberships are available and provide more than customized workout plans and personal fitness evaluations all in a state-of-the-art facility. Helpful staff committed to fitness makes it a great place for individuals at all levels of fitness committed to getting and staying healthy., 250 University Blvd., 274-3432

Second: JCC

Third: YMCA - Jordan

Best local yoga/Pilates studio: Invoke

Once again, Invoke is the favorite choice of NUVO readers looking for a great yoga and Pilates studio with affordable choices, friendly instructors and beautiful atmosphere. The beautiful old building, with its large windows and high ceilings, the variety of classes and the motivating without being annoying instructors give Invoke the perfect vibe for all levels of students., 970 Fort Wayne Ave., 631-9642

Second: All People Yoga Center

Third: City Yoga

Best local men's clothing store: Leon Tailoring

For more than 100 years, this family-owned downtown shop has been providing Indianapolis' most stylish men with its ready-to-wear collections by Lee and Alan Stuart, as well as Leon's own clothing label. If off-the-rack isn't your thing, you've got more than 1,000 bolts of fabric to choose from for something custom-made. This is good quality clothing at reasonable prices for those looking to invest in business attire., 809 N. Delaware St., 634-8559

Second: Frankey's

Third: Emporium

Best local women's clothing store: Pitaya

Since its initial opening in 1990 in Bloomington, the store has consistently kept customers' interests in mind. It offers a large selection of trendy and utterly adorable attire for every occasion, from formalwear to weekend wear. While many retail stores sell cheap clothes that fall apart after one season, Pitaya's selection is reasonably priced and quality. Walking inside is like opening a brand new pack of 84 crayons -- the clothing is arranged in order by color and the store's interior is just as bright and shiny as the staff, which is always willing to help out., 842 Broad Ripple Ave., 465-0000

Second: Frankey's

Third: Haus

Best local vintage/consignment shop: Broad Ripple Vintage

The perpetual Doors soundtrack, classic rock concert posters, paisley print and that faint musty smell inside of Broad Ripple Vintage gives you the feeling that you're not just shopping for threads from the past, but that you have actually travelled back in time to the era of flower children and bell bottoms. With an ever-changing selection, it's the perfect place to score a retro-inspired look, find unique accessories or assemble a last minute Halloween costume. Just be sure that you have an ample amount of time -- scouring the racks of clothing could easily take up an entire afternoon., 824 E. 64th St., 255-4135

Second: Rag-o-rama

Third: Crazy 8

Best local book store: Big Hat books

The warm, welcoming setting begs you to come inside, browse the shelves at your leisure and spend the day in a La-Z-Boy getting lost in a book, if you so choose. It recently moved from its original Westfield Boulevard location just a few blocks away north of the canal and an easy detour from the Monon. In addition to selling books, Big Hat also maintains a schedule filled with author readings, signings, workshops and book clubs. Overall, the store makes reading more enjoyable for the literate and less of a four letter word for those who aren't naturally, 6510 Cornell Ave., 202-0203

Second: Out Word Bound

Third: Bookmamas

Best local bike/sporting goods shop: BGI

Indy has no shortage of specialty bike shops, and Bicycle Garage Indy (BGI) is one of the oldest and largest in town. With personal attention and custom-fitting to a bike that satisfies all of your needs, this is your one-stop shop for all things cycling. In addition to a set of wheels, you can bike up accessories for your ride or your bod, including an extensive collection of biking apparel that's both functional and (mostly) flattering., 4130 E. 82nd St., 842-4140

Second: Indy Cycle

Third: Joe's Bike Shop

Best local flower shop: MacNamara

Can't find the right words to say how you really feel? Try expressing it with flowers. Locally and nationally renowned, McNamara Florist is ranked in the FTD's Top 20 in the United States and Canada. Although the business has vastly expanded since its humble beginning in an Indy street corner building in 1954 to a florist powerhouse, McNamara keeps its customers in mind. Each location features a full on-site floral arrangement staff that will help the least green of thumbs arrange the perfect arrangement and even offers same day delivery for those acts of spontaneity., 3969 E. 82nd St., 579-7900

Second: Posh Petals

Third: What's Bloomin'

Best local tattoo or piercing studio: Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis' unique atmosphere showcases its large selection (the most extensive in the state and one of the country's biggest) of body jewelry, and its talented staff. The nine professional artists include six tattoo artists who are eager to pair their creative energy with the desires of the customer to develop the ideal tattoo. Each artist has their own flavor, their own flair, which can be seen in the store's expansive reference library, flash gallery and custom artwork. Whether you are seriously considering getting inked, or you just want to see examples of exceptional artistry, Metamorphosis is a must stop., 828 Broad Ripple Ave., 466-1666

Second: Voluta

Third: Artistic Skin Design

Best local car dealership: Dreyer and Reinbold

It seems odd that a luxury car dealership would win readers' votes in this recession, but who could resist the influence of the ever adorable, ever popular Mini Coop? It is one of the least expensive cars sold by Dreyer and Reinbold and gets great gas mileage to boot (up to 30 MPG). The clean building and sales staff makes customers feel comfortable about their purchase, not that they are being ripped off by a shady dealer whose main intention is to squeeze them for every last buck. Staff members are friendly, but not pushy, informative but not overwhelming., 9375 Whitley Drive, 573-0200

Second: Andy Mohr

Third: Tom Wood

Best local salon: Snips of Irvington // Salon Orange Moon (tie)

Snips in Historic Irvington is a full-service salon that offers high-end service in a family atmosphere. The upscale salon may look like a posh hangout you might see on Sex and the City, but its small town feel and friendly staff are straight from Mayberry. Customers come from all over greater Indianapolis to enjoy everything Snips has to offer, with services catering to hair (cut and style, perms and relaxers, special occasions), skin (facials, waxing, bronzing) and body (massage and nails). Snips also houses local vendors Aesthetics Body Modification, Body In-Sync massage and Edibles organic grocery., 5612 E. Washington St., 356-2611

More than just a neighborhood salon, Salon Orange Moon might as well be called Salon Green Moon because of how environmentally-friendly it is. In addition to providing great results and great customer service, the salon is also responsible to the environment, by recycling in-house everything: cardboard, lids, boxes and paper. They use Aveda products with 85-95 percent organic ingredients. Not to mention the great hair you'll walk out with!, 2457 N. Delaware St., 925-MOON

Second: The Vault

Third: Savvy

Best local music store: Luna Music

Indy's home-grown music store has two convenient locations near where you hang out anyway. They have a large selection of both new and old vinyl as well as CDs that you probably wouldn't see promoted at your big box chain stores. The listening stations throughout the store are a great way to try out new music and the staff at the store is willing to help you find something fresh for your ears. Don't forget to top off your trip by grabbing a sticker and smacking it onto a street sign or city bench., 5202 N. College Ave., 283-5862 and 431 Massachusetts Ave., 917-5862

Second: Indy CD & Vinyl

Third: Karma

Best local gift shop: Silver in the City

Although the selection of jewelry ranges from the sultry to whimsical, Silver in the City doesn't just sell jewelry. The friendly staff can help you find a variety of gifts for both men and women. You can pick out a great set of stationary or cute dishes for hosting your next party. They also have a wide selection of reused and recycled items that help you to stay green. Pick out a juicy guide to sex how-tos, a messenger bag made from the old RCA dome, or a coffee table book that's sure to start a conversation., 434 Massachusetts Ave., 866-955-9925

Second: Global Gifts

Third: Chelsea's

Best local adult toy store: Cirilla's

Who doesn't know that Cirilla's is the place "where fun and fantasy meet"? Whether you're looking for something saucy to heat up a night of romance or an embarrassing gift to make your friends laugh, you can probably find it at this adult toy store. They have a large selection of porn and lingerie as well as plenty of toys to satisfy your craving for a kinky night of knitting or Scrabble. Pick out a pair of edible underwear, some flavored lubricant, or even a phallic-shaped shot glass for a night of fun., 8601 Michigan Road, 228-9345 and 6971 W. Washington St., 241-3176

Second: Tasty's Gift Factory

Third: Lover's Lane

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