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What's your favorite thing – your absolute favorite thing – to do, see, taste, experience, touch or go to in Indianapolis? The thing you tell your out-of-town friends, “You've GOT to come to Indy and do _____.” What do you brag about? What makes you the most proud?

Is it our great and growing food scene? Your favorite cover band? The best nonprofit to volunteer with?

Best of Indy is a time to celebrate everything fabulous about Indianapolis. So, how does it work? Our month-long reader nomination period ended Monday, July 11. (You picked 'em. We just made sure you spelled 'em right.) On this ballot, you'll find more than 150 different categories to vote for, with 5, 7 or 10 of the most nominated choices to pick from. *Between the nomination period and ballot creation, we've eliminated a very small amount of categories that didn't receive enough votes.


Best-of issues are a staple among alt-weeklies –- and also a source of much debate and contention. Before you get fired up, we have a couple of reminders. Don't see your favorite taco place on the Best Tacos list? Before you fire off that angry email –- and we know, your fingers are itching -– ask yourself, “Did I nominate them?” If the answer is no, next year, do it! If you did, remember your fellow NUVO readers are out there nominating up a storm, too. NUVO editors and writers have 51 issues a year to tell readers about all of our favorite things. This is YOUR time to have your voice heard, and give your favorite person, place or thing credit, too.

You can vote once a day until the ballot closes on August 29. We'll publish the results on October 12, along with some best-of picks from your editors, too. (And we might even celebrate with a big party some time around then, too.)

Sound good? Get your clicking fingers ready …


Your friends,

NUVO Editors

*An incomplete version of our ballot was live for a short period of time last week. We weren't done counting up your votes yet, so we pulled it offline. What can we say? We just got too excited.

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