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This was a pretty close race this year, but once again, the plentiful, inexpensive and fantastically tasty Louisiana-inspired eats from Yats wins the day. The original location at 54th and College remains a no-booze, cash-only affair, but Joe’s other joints accept plastic, and some offer brewskis, too. The menu changes, but standbys like the Chicken Creole, various etoufees and a host of out-of-this-world veggie options make for the some of the best under-$10 entrées Indy has to offer. We love Yats, and we only hope Joe’s franchise keeps growing.

Original location: 5363 N. College Ave., 253-8817; ALSO: 910 W. 10th St. (The Avenue) 602-8676; 885 Massachusetts Ave., 423-0518; 5650 W. 86th St., Suite 132 (Trader’s Point), 879-YATS; 8352 E. 96th St. (Fishers), 585-1792; 1280 US 31 (Greenwood), 865-9971; 12545 Old Meridian St., Suite 130 (Carmel), 581-1881; see website for locations in Columbus, Avon, Noblesville, Valparaiso and yep, Cincy:

2nd: St. Elmo Steakhouse

3rd: Bluebeard

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