Best Place To Watch an IU Game That's NOT Assembly Hall


Nick's English Hut

You can get much more Bloomingtony than Nick's. You can try, sure. But there's just something about walking into that almost 90-year-old dark wood-covered bar that screams, “Watch Hoosiers play basketball inside of me!” Hell, the website's official history even notes that founder/owner Nick Hrisomalos passed away the same day IU won its second NCAA basketball championship. The Hut – and don't get it twisted, this sucker is much more bigger than what comes to mind when you hear the word “hut” – is the best place in Bloomington hands down to watch Indiana play – possibly even better than Assembly Hall.

423 E. Kirkwood Ave., (812) 332-4040

2nd: Scotty's
3rd: Yogi 

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