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The Hi-Fi

The DO317/MOKB Presents crew did a very good thing when they opened up The Hi-Fi at the Murphy Arts Center three or so years ago. The venue is a perfect robin’s nest of a place: roomy enough to fit in 150 or so crazed fans for a sold-out weekend show, but small enough to feel super intimate when it’s you, your favorite band and ten of your friends. Expect some changes to that size, though, when the Hi-Fi reopens in January after a renovation and expansion into the iMOCA space. The venue leans towards roots and rock, but expect regular local hip-hop, a smattering of metal and punk and all kinds of go-to weekly, monthly or bi-monthly events like Punk Rock Karaoke, MoTown Mondays and Highlife with Sweet Poison Victim and DJ Kyle Long.

2nd: Jazz Kitchen
3rd: 5th Quarter Lounge

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