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The news from America has been dominated by the right-wing coup currently underway in Wisconsin, where teachers and other government workers have been threatened with their jobs because the governor wants to reduce costs. The workers and their sympathizers have been protesting in the streets, pursued by pro-government activists attempting to drown them out.

Tea Party zealots, fueled by propaganda television and radio broadcasts, have been bussed in from around the nation to quell the protesters. The zealots have been trying to disrupt the peaceful protesting in Wisconsin and export their views to other states.

If it sounds a bit like the situation in Egypt, Libya and the kingdoms of the Middle East, it's not coincidental. The rough outline is the same: a bullying government trying to enforce radical policies and drown out objections with proxy goons.

Despite the president's trying to mediate an end to this assault on organized labor, the Wisconsin government is unyielding in its stand against education and educators, and for the right of the wealthy to pay as little in taxes as it possibly can, no matter what the costs.

The right-wing media, just like the government in Egypt, had better be careful when inciting the masses to protest in the streets. If a real majority of Americans grabbed picket signs and gathered in protest, the right-wingers would be surprised with who would show up.

It wouldn't be Fox News viewers from the suburbs filling Monument Circle in protest; if the true will of the people were expressed in the streets, it would be a mass gathering of poor whites, blacks, Hispanics, young people and gays, all of them united in opposition to state government.

We're actually not too far away from that scenario. Apparently motivated by Mitch Daniels' presidential ambitions and a desire to outdo Arizona and Wisconsin for the title of dumbest legislature, our Statehouse has been a beehive of activity for proposed laws to break our economy even further and to repress minority voices of any kind.

In an ideal world for our legislature, nobody would have collective bargaining rights, all white males would be granted special rights to patrol our cities for illegal aliens, and the very richest among us would pay no taxes at all. This is a scary picture but not too far from reality.

Usually I have no problem with white people wanting to express just how repressed they are because it's always just a bunch of hillbillies carrying signs and repeating Rush Limbaugh slogans. The difference is, these folks have power on a scale sufficient enough to harm our country and foster violent disagreements.

I have a feeling that if they had their way, Tea Partiers would impeach the president and vice president, outlaw unions, blacks and homosexuals and restore the country to the Christian values of the slaveowners of the 1800s.

If that happened, there really would be a rebellion in the streets because the vast majority of urban residents these days stand fully behind the president and the legitimately elected government of the United States.

I'm a little too old for rioting in the streets but would gladly participate in a general strike and massive protests against the people who want to repress me and my kind. That's what we're looking at if the right-wing radicals continue to try to roll back our rights in the name of balanced budgets.

Mitch Daniels has been touring the nation and speaking about the miracle of his tenure in Indiana, where he's pawned our state's assets, given rich people tax breaks and tried to undo almost 100 years of progress in collective bargaining.

With the help of the right wing's media, he's starting to build a name for himself as a hard-nosed, pragmatic, rich white man who will help all his fellow rich avoid paying taxes and bear no responsibility for helping the neediest citizens.

People are starting to believe this fictional picture. To them, I say, let them come to Indiana. They will see a deeply divided state comprised of reasonable people who don't want this right-wing radicalism.

They will also see citizens who are willing to protest in the streets, if necessary, in order not to be repressed further by the local government.

That's why the right wingers had better exercise caution in organizing these big rallies. Pretty soon now, a real majority of folks will drown out their protests with those of their own. We outnumber the Republicans, the teabaggers and the ultra-rich.

Normally, we're at work, trying to provide for our families. We don't have time to indulge in street protests. But make us angry enough and we'll counter your demonstrations and outdo them. Just don't push us.


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