Written + Spoken Word

Bill Harley

When: Sat., March 10, 2 p.m. 2012

We challenge you to find a person who does not love Bill Harley. The storyteller, singer and All Things Consider commentator, who spent his elementary school years living near Park Tudor School, tends to draw upon his coming-of-age for material. He told us in 2008 that he draws on his early years by design, childhood being a common denominator for all audiences: “Everything we do as adults came from what happened to us as kids. If I can go back there and be honest and insightful and touch something in all of us ... It’s what Mark Twain and Bill Cosby did. Coming of age resonates with all of us. Childhood doesn’t have the sense of irony, complexity and gray areas as adulthood. We first felt as kids. I want [the audience to] re-experience that.”

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