The Starting Five, 2/4/2014

Bill Nye - the Science Guy! - will be debating Young Earth Creationist Ken Ham tonight at the Creation Museum in the Kentucky burbs of Cincy. The site says:

Is creation a viable model of origins in today's modern, scientific era? Leading creation apologist and bestselling Christian author Ken Ham is joined at the Creation Museum by Emmy Award-winning science educator and CEO of the Planetary Society Bill Nye.

Nye's gotten some flack for this from fellow scientists: Some feel that Bill's simple act of agreeing to appear on the same stage with Ham gives ol' Kenny's "Dinosaurs are dragons!" crackpottery a level of legitimacy he shouldn't enjoy. For we humble non-scientists here at The Ed.Blog, though, if Nye gets even one young mind to understand the difference between the actual scientific method and "creation science," the project was a win.

While we're on the subject of Nye, TheEd.Blog has found the ticket we'll be backing in 2016.


Sarah Palin's PAC dropped a hefty 1.2 million bucks in 2013; of that, a whopping ten grand went to two - two - GOP candidates for Congress. The other cash was spent on ops, travel, consultants, and - ahem - speechwriting fees. (Hey, there, Mrs. Plain - ya might want a refund for some o' that last part. You betcha.)


So, remember when we mentioned that same-sex marriage bans usually generate legal action nowadays? Yeah, about that ...

"Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was sued by four same-sex couples seeking the right to marry and overturn a law that threatens imprisonment to those who seek legal recognition in other states."

Football is over. We are sad. But OLYMPIC HOCKEY IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! The Ed.Blog and our pals will be attending a telecast of the 7 a.m. matchup between the USA and the Rooskies on Feb. 15th - at a microbrewery. Porter and kick saves for breakfast, baby.



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