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Bloomington facts and events


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Impress your friends! Win on Jeopardy! Here's some factoids for ya:

• Pop: 80,405 (2010 US Census)

• Area: 23.59 sq. mi. (2010 US Census)

• Median age: 23.3 years (2010 US Census)

• Total undergrads at I.U.: 36,419 (

• Forbes ranking for cities with work/life balance: 1 (

• Avg. high temp: 64.5 degrees

• Avg. yearly snowfall: 18.6 inches

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Annual Events

Here's a brief but hearty list of events this fall that could provide a great excuse to visit Bloomington, or leave your smelly dorm room. For more events, hit up

4th Street Festival of Arts and Crafts  Labor Day Weekend  This weekend-long fest is a great way to get to know the Downtown district. Vendors selling all manner of beautiful goods take up residence in small white tents during Labor Day — plus there's music and all kinds of food (it IS on 4th St. after all). 

Lotus World Music and Arts Festival  Sept. 24-27  This fest is a concentrated way to sample some of the most innovative and ground-breaking sounds from all around the world in a four-day-long festival in venues all around town. Many events are free, so scour the schedule if you're on a college kid budget. 

Hillbilly Haiku Americana Music Festival  Sept. 4  Take note! This event is THIS weekend!

Hilly Hundred Bicycle Tour  Oct. 9-11  Almost 6,000 bicyclists take on zillions of good ol' Southern Indiana hills in this (painful, thigh-burning, wonderful) three-day biking event. This is a great way to explore the land around your new hometown.


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