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Bloomington Haunted Hayride and Stables


An artist's rendering of the Haunted Hayride.
  • An artist's rendering of the Haunted Hayride.

Through Oct. 31

Bloomington's Haunted Stables aren't worth the drive for Indianapolis residents, but the country jaunt might have merit for the weak-of-heart living in or around Monroe County.

The inside attraction's authentic stables leverage tight spaces and trap doors that dead-end. Further disorienting is the unsettling close proximity to caged actors, many of whom are illuminated by strobe lights. Bombarded on all sides by intensity, the stable portion is a rush - albeit an extremely short one at less than 10 minutes long.

The haunted hayride is longer (15 minutes at most) but lacks originality and offers virtually no element of surprise. The attraction's climax comes with the rather calm arrival and circling of the headless horseman.

At $16 for the complete package ($10 for the mega-short stables; $6 for the hayride), Bloomington's Haunted Stables simply don't deliver as much scare as you'd hope for.


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