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Bob Williams & Andrew Warren GALLERY TOUR

When: Fri., May 30 2014

Bob Williams is a photographer whose work is by his own admission difficult to describe. After taking a photo, he manipulates the image until he’s satisfied then puts it on canvas to be stretched and wrapped around a frame. His work is impressionistic and painterly but always intriguing. Bob is a graduate of Purdue who has won an Emmy Award for his production work with PBS & WFYI.

Andrew Warren is a 28 year old artist living in Indianapolis. He began developing an interest and has explored many forms of the arts from a young age, but didn’t start painting regularly until college. Andrew views his paintings as an exploration of the human experience and often challenges himself to convey a mood, feeling or moment on the canvas. He is a professional Emmy-nominated videographer whose work can be seen often on WFYI.


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