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Bobcat Goldthwait, on the road



Bobcat Goldthwait, the comedian who came to national attention at age 20 after an appearance on Letterman, called NUVO from the road — he's back on the club circuit. In addition to working smaller rooms, Goldthwait's been appearing on NPR's Wait, Wait — Don't Tell Me and is also promoting his most recent film, a documentary titled Call Me Lucky.

Call Me Lucky is the story of Barry Crimmins, a comic who hosted open-mic nights in and around Syracuse, NY when Bobcat and Tom "Tomcat" Kenny (the voice of Spongebob these days) were starting out. Crimmins became much more than a comic, and his style inspired a great many imitators. The film's been getting terrific reviews. Bobcat's appearing at Morty's in Indy on May 31. (NOTE: Some of the language in the interview is NSFW. You're welcome.)


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