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BoDeans still on road to Indy



The BoDeans' Friday's show at the Vogue will be their one-millionth appearance in Indianapolis, in town to play tunes from their ninth studio album, Mr. Sad Clown, released back in April.

OK. Not really. Yes, they are at the Vogue Friday, but have only played in our city 905,383 times since 1987. Every damn one of them a good show. Really. I've seen them so many times in the past 20 years - at the Vogue, or in Cincy at the Blue Note, or on a cold Monument Circle during Final Four weekend - and can't remember walking away thinking that the band hadn't worked hard at making a connection. The sound they make is unique. The new album is thoroughly BoDeans, and that's why they survive.

We should be thankful there is a BoDeans; a band that rolls on despite just one ("Closer to Free") song that could be considered a real hit. They have stayed true to their roots-rock and roll soul. Every show rocks, the audience sings, and guitars and drums are played loudly. Tell me what's wrong with any of that?

watch a recent full show video: Bodeans live at KGSR - Austin, TX (outdoor concert)

"Mr. Sad Clown finds the duo of Sam Llanas and Kurt Neumann working on their own — Neumann produced and recorded the sessions at his studio in Texas, and he and Llanas handled all the instrumental chores themselves except for horns and some keyboards. And while Still often sounded like an (only intermittently successful) attempt to reconnect with the fire of the BoDeans' best work, Mr. Sad Clown feels fresher and freer, with the duo taking more chances and mixing up their formula a bit while maintaining a firm grip on their essential strengths." -


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