Bosma tells Rep. Hinkle to resign



Rep. Phil Hinkle (R)
  • Former Rep. Phil Hinkle (R)

Speaker of the House, Brian Bosma has just released a statement regarding his plea for the resignation of Rep. Phil Hinkle.

"Over the past ten days I have had the opportunity to meet with Rep. Phil Hinkle and members of the House Republican caucus regarding the unfortunate course of events occurring several weeks ago.

While the entire House Republican leadership team has compassion for Phil and his family, it is clear that Rep. Hinkle would best serve his constituents and our state by stepping down immediately and returning to private life.

As we begin preparations for the 2012 legislative session and the significant challenges ahead, Rep. Hinkle should focus on his family and personal life. His continued service in the Indiana House is a distraction from that priority and a detriment to the continuing work of the legislature."

Phil has had a long and distinguished career of public service. However, on behalf of the House Republican leadership team, we strongly encourage Rep. Hinkle to step down and focus on what is most important at this challenging time."

The "unfortunate course of events" to which Speaker Bosma refers is Hinkle's decision to hook-up with a young man via craigslist recently and offer him cash in exchange for "a really good time".

You can read the lurid details over at the Indy Star, which broke the story a little over a week ago.

*Clarification: This story initially went live with an inaccurate headline stating the resignation had already taken place. While the resignation seems imminent, it has not happened yet. Our apologies for the mistake and any resulting confusion.


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