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You bet your Lucky Charms you can recycle cereal boxes


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Where in Indianapolis can I recycle boxboard like cereal boxes and Kleenex tissue boxes?

Does Republic accept them in the drop-off program?

Thank you.


Cheerio, Lisa!

You bet your Lucky Charms you can recycle cereal boxes, tissue boxes and other boxboard in your curbside recycling! That’s why I think the curbside services of Ray’s, Republic and others Kix butt. You can put anything recyclable — aluminum and other metals, paper, cardboard, glass and plastics — in one bin to be recycled.

If writing quarterly Chex to pay for curbside recycling isn’t in your budget, there are also drop off locations around town that accept boxboard, like RockTenn, RecycleForce, and county solid waste recycling centers.

I know Life is busy, but you should take an few seconds to flatten boxes before putting them in the bin so they take up less space and so the trucks aren’t driving boxes of air around town.

Piece out,


(NOTE: This Ask Renee appeared in NUVO on Oct. 7, 2015.)


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