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Bring zillions of water bottles to BeneFlint

Because Michigan needs you right now, Indy.


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It's hard watching the dumpster fire that is Flint's current poisonous water crisis. Hard isn't actually a strong enough word. What's happening in Flint is infuriating, ridiculous and shameful. But instead of channeling all of that negativity into refreshing your favorite news service to see which culpable official is resigning next — yesterday was EPA administrator Susan Hedman — plan on clearing your schedule for February 6, shlepping to Costco and stocking up on some cases of water, then heading to Fountain Square Brewery. 

Veseria's Kyle Perkon spearheaded the organization of BeneFlint on Feb. 6 at the Brewery. BeneFlint is a day-long local music showcase to drum up donations of water and funds for the people of Flint. His band will play alongside Audiodacity, Moxxie, Tied To Tigers, Prowlers & The Prey, Charlie Ballantine Trio, Minute Details and Sugar Moon Rabbit. Landon Keller, Branch Gordon, Megan Hopkins and Jeff Byrd are booked for acoustic sets; Amanda Keller, Miranda Thomas, Corey Hodges and Mallory Hodgkin will do live painting. Cosmic Chrome Cafe will be slangin' food from their truck, Sam Ash will jump in to provide sound; DOItIndy Radio Hour hosts MP Cavalier and Scott Tolin will broadcast live all day, and all manner of other creative types will jump in to provide posters, T-shirts and more. Festivities will technically kick off the day before with a First Friday pre-party at Fountain Square Brewery, featuring a set by Emily Myren. 

So far 2016 has totally sucked, news-wise. Let's make next week a better one. News of shows like this will set that course. Let's fill all of Fountain Square Brewery with enough bottled water to sink the foundation a couple inches. (Okay, maybe not. But you get what I'm saying.)

More ways to help Flint: 

1. Sign this petition.

2. Call Governor Snyder at 517-373-3400

If you go: 

Fountain Square Brewery, 1301 Barth Ave
Feb. 6, 2 p.m. 
$5 for United Way of Genesee, or a case or gallon of bottled water


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