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BRMF: "Where's the punk?"



There are a lot of talented punk rock bands in the city and they play a very active role in the growth of our local music scene as a whole. So when I read all the line-ups for Broad Ripple Music Fest, I found myself asking, “Where’s The Punk?”

Before I start griping, I just want to say that I am super-stoked to see bands like Slothpop, The Kemps and of course, my favorites Jookabox. Clearly the organizers of the festival have their fingers on the pulse of the vibrant indie rock and hipster scenes in the city, as well as the small but fierce hip-hop scene, but are they deaf to what’s going on in the punk scene?

Even traditional punk venues like The E.S. Jungle and The Melody Inn, which are both hosting BRMF sets, are not hosting any local punk, metal or hardcore acts. It’s a real shame because there are a lot of bands in town that would have definitely been perfect to play this year’s fest.

She used to ask Wheres the beef?, but then she got really into Propagandhi and went vegan.
  • She used to ask "Where's the beef?", but then she got really into Propagandhi and went vegan.

Coffinworm, probably the most important local band of 2010, is nowhere to be found on the various BRMF line-ups. The band, which released their massive album, When All Became None, earlier this year, has been receiving lots of attention for their efforts. Their brutal brand of metal is turning heads in the national metal scene. But apparently, BRMF didn’t notice.

Juliet once said “That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” The same logic applies to local hardcore act Full Rainbow. Whether they’re called The Sorely Trying Days or Full Rainbow, they still play the same fantastic arena-sludge/ hardcore hybrid that has won over fans across the midwest. Last year, the Washington Post even posted a blog profiling the band. I guess that wasn’t good enough for BRMF.

I could go on and on talking about what bands are missing from this year’s impressive line-up, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make. The issue at hand is that the punk, hardcore and metal scene is severely under-appreciated in this city.

Full Rainbow: NOT playing this years BRMF...
  • Full Rainbow: NOT playing this year's BRMF...


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