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Bulldog broadcast at Hinkle



Whether you dreamed Butler would be in the finals or not, they are, and if you want to gather with thousands of fan to watch, there is no more appropriate place than the true home court of the Bulldogs, Hinkle Fieldhouse.

One of the greatest basketball venues in the state, Hinkle will stage the tournament with live mimes who will re-enact each play taking place at Lucas Oil Stadium. The mimes will be dressed in traditional mime make-up, but their jerseys will reflect those of the basketball players.

Don't worry! These are very talented mimes plucked from Butler's new hybrid Athleater Department.

Okay, we are making this up! The official press release for this event resides below:

Butler University invites the community to join us at Hinkle Fieldhouse beginning at 5 p.m. Saturday, April 3, to watch our Butler Bulldogs take on the Michigan State Spartans in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Final Four semifinals.

The viewing party is open to the public.

Concession stands and the Spirit Shop will be open, and there possibly will be entertainment prior to the 6:07 p.m. tip-off and at halftime.

The fieldhouse is located at 510 W. 49th St.


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