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Centerpoint opens, Three Pints closes




Newest brewery

Centerpoint Brewing is a new start-up production brewery under construction within the Circle City Industrial Complex (CCIC) at 1125 E. Brookside Ave., on the city’s near-eastside near the intersection of Mass Ave. and 10th St., along the Pogue’s Run Trail, and within a stones-throw of the Monon and Cultural Trails. The tasting room is expected “to reflect design components borrowed from CCIC’s industrial roots and fabricated by artisans located within the complex.” Here’s the story from NUVO’s on-site visit:

NUVO: What special qualities does Centerpoint Brewing Company bring to the Indiana [and Indianapolis] brewing industry?

Jeff Ready: We three founders [Jeff Ready, Jonathan Robinson and Peter Argiris] are all engineers (graduates of Rose-Hulman) and that formal training really pushes us to mind the details and to design and control every aspect of the brewing process, so that we get exactly the beer we want at the end. We are also pretty easygoing guys who love beer. So we are combining the Charlie Papazian homebrew mantra of "Relax. Don't worry. Have a homebrew." with the engineering aspect of "If you don't get the math right, the bridge will collapse." We're relaxed on one hand, and sweating out every little detail on the other.

Jon's background is in design, project management, sales, marketing and supply chain management, and is also the original brewer of our beers — he was homebrewing for six years before embarking on this journey. Along the way he joined up with Pete. Pete has constructed and managed food/beverage production lines and facilities for 10 years. The final addition was me (Jeff) - a serial entrepreneur who has started 6 companies from scratch and grown them mostly into successful businesses (with a few bumps along the way, as these things go!). I've been homebrewing as a hobby for 18 years.

NUVO: What do you anticipate will be special about your connections with your neighborhood?

Jeff: We're really excited to be a part of the CCIC redevelopment project, which is taking a huge - and largely neglected - building and turning into something we think will be very cool- artists, craftsmen, the Ruckus Maker's space, alongside other local food and beverage makers. We're hoping the brewery itself will become a place where the neighborhood can get together to enjoy a beer, and that we'll be a key part of a project that revitalizes the area.

NUVO: What should patrons of craft beer expect from your menu of beers?

Jeff: I think like any brewer, we are looking to make high quality beers people enjoy. For us, this starts with all the attention to detail. We are starting with a fairly large system to help ensure consistency across batches. In addition to the 30-barrel brewhouse we are starting with a full water quality control system so we can precisely manage the exact mineral content of our brew water, and have a full quality control lab to make sure we are getting everything just right. We also strive for balanced beers — the name Centerpoint Brewing and our plumb bob logo come from that engineering background and our desire to find that perfect balance between the raw ingredients and to control of the process variables for any style of beer we make.

NUVO: Why should a non-craft beer drinker want to try Centerpoint brews?

Jeff: Part of our approach is to brew beers designed to be approachable by everyone, both beer geeks and non-beer geeks alike. For example, the Centerpoint Gold 52 is a golden ale—it’s the beer we won the gold medal for at the Indiana Brewers Cup in 2014. It’s not overly malty or super hoppy, but is a clean, refreshing brew – or as we put it to folks who aren't familiar with lots of craft beer styles, it's a “beer-flavored beer." We want someone who "only" drinks Miller or Bud or Coors to give the Centerpoint Gold 52 a try and to enjoy it just as well as the beer-geek who "never" drinks those American macros.

Production will focus on four signature beers, Kolsch, Porter, Red IPA and Belgian Dubbel, alongside specialty and seasonal selections. Local snacks will be available for purchase in the tasting room as well as pop-up visits from various food trucks.

The Centerpoint Gold 52 is a "Kolsch-inspired" golden ale specific to Cologne, Germany, which is a sister city to Indianapolis. We think that's pretty cool, and hopefully the day is coming where we share our interpretation with them!


Last taps

Thank you, Three Pints for five years of sharing. Here is the full text from founder Tom Hynes, posted Jan. 18, 2016:

It with much sadness that I announce the closure of Three Pints Brewing Company, effective immediately.
It has been a great run, starting in 2010 when we opened the brewpub in Plainfield, to the opening of our production brewery in Martinsville in 2014. As you know, the craft brewing industry has boomed during this time, with many new breweries opening and many exceptional beers being brewed, especially in Indiana. This is great news for all of us craft beer lovers! In general it is also great news for our industry, as it has raised the public's awareness of craft beer, chipping away at the mega-brewery market share. But for breweries where distribution is a key part of their business model, the increased competition has been tough.
Although this is a sad day, I have a lot to be thankful for.
First and foremost I want to thank all of the incredibleThree Pints fans in Plainfield, Martinsville, and across the state who supported us, inspired us, and most of all, became lifelong friends. I am honored and humbled by your tireless advocacy, and will treasure the many memories. THANK YOU!
I also want to thank the city and the people of Martinsville for the warmest welcome and continued support a business could ever ask for. I've made plenty of mistakes in this business, but choosing Martinsville when we expanded was not one of them.
Finally, I want to thank all of the wonderful, hardworking, and loyal employees I've had the privilege to work with over these years. I will miss your daily humor and companionship.
It's been a fun and rewarding ride, and I truly feel blessed to have been part of Indiana's craft beer community. Drink Indiana!
Tom Hynes
Owner, Head Brewer
Three Pints Brewing, Co.


Growing the old

Black Acre co-founder Justin Miller reports, “We are continuing to grow our production facility and just added another 60-barrel fermenter. We currently are distributing in Marion and surrounding counties and hope to increase production enough to keep up with demand in this area. We have finished plans for the expansion of the taproom and are working on a construction timeline.

Indiana City founder Ray Kamstra told NUVO, “Our resolution for 2016 includes a constant focus on small-batch, handcrafted ales. The past year has shown steady growth for the taproom and self-distributed wholesale, up 40 percent and 60 percent from 2014, respectively. A successful foray into canning the Core Lineup (Tribute Pale Ale, Shadow Boxer Oatmeal Stout and Yacht Rock Wheat Ale) left the brewery aggressively canning to keep up with demand. As demand grows, production capacity is expected to increase with the addition of more fermentation space.

“The Battle Tested Series, launched in 2015, is comprised of one-off beers selected directly and indirectly by customers to brew regularly. With 24 seasonal releases planned for 2016, the brewery will satisfy customers’ “need for the new” and remain vigilant of the brews that create a following. Collaborations are common between breweries, but Indiana City’s unique approach to partnership in 2016 includes being the resident brewery at Joyful Noise Recordings, the independent label at 1043 Virginia Ave.”

Upland announced construction is well underway on their new barrelhouse as part of their Sour Brewery expansion. “We’ve welcomed two new foudres into the brewery dubbed Barky Bark and Edgar Holland Splinter (Splinter for short). Woody Barrelson is in Oregon and will be arriving in the coming weeks. Follow along using #UplandSourExpansion and check us out on Snapchat (uplandbrewco) for all the behind the scenes action,” said spokesperson Emily Hines.
Basic data: Foudre, in French, Foeder in Dutch, is the name for large oak vats used for fermenting wine. When vintners no longer want a Foudre they’ve been using, brewers vie to snatch it up for their Sour program but you need a large space for a family of foudres.

Great Crescent founder/brewmaster Dan Valas told NUVO to “Look for some exciting changes in the Aurora Taproom location, including completing the lighting and decorating we starting in early 2015, new tables and chairs and a very cool "Machine-Age/Steampunk/Brewery/Industrial" decor mash-up that we think you'll feel very comfortable in as you meet with friends and create awesome memories. And we feel very humble to be part of it.”


Anniversaries: coming up and just past

Flat12’s fifth anniversary on Jan. 16 featured a multitude of big winter beers and two surprises I found especially pleasing: Cucumber Kolsch dressed for winter is a soothing antidote to the huge mouthfeel of the other barrel-aged offerings, and an addition from a staff member’s family maple syrup farm smoothed out a barrel-aged regular compelled many of us to beg for a return of this limited-run brew. When that happens breakfast pancakes will never be the same.

On Jan. 18, Sean Manahan shared his post-party reflections with NUVO: “As I settle back into the office and back to real life, I can't help but think about how amazing our anniversary party was on Saturday. It’s always fun to kick back with the crew and enjoy the fruits of our labors, but it’s a rare situation for us all to sit back together and watch our patrons enjoy themselves while enjoying our beers. It’s also very rewarding to see our industry friends visit with smiles and congratulations.

“My brewers’ lineage is something I hold very close to my heart, and it always make me smile to hear others know of it. I speak with Chris [Johnson, People’s Brewing, Sean’s immediate mentor] all the time still and he continues to help me grow and mature as a brewer. I also have had the privilege to work with Greg [Emig, Lafayette Brewing, Chris’ mentor] and John [Hill, BRBP, Greg’s mentor] more and more as the years go by. I almost feel like an old dog in this game now. I love this industry because of the people. Don't get me wrong, I love to brew but the brewers, the drinkers, and everybody in between have made Indiana brewing what it is.”


Function Brewing owners Steve and Arlyn Llewellyn are celebrating the second anniversary of their downtown Bloomington brewpub (108 E. Sixth St.) with a week of events starting with a 4-course beer dinner Jan.19. (Reserve at: 812-676-1000.)

Here’s the lineup:

Jan. 20: 2014 Bourbon Barrel Aged Hyperbolic Imperial Porter tapping at 6 p.m.
Jan. 21: Limacon Double IPA tapping at 6 p.m.
Jan. 22: 2014 Discontinuity Barleywine tapping at 6 p.m.
Jan. 23: 21+ Anniversary Party at 8 p.m. with Special Cask Beer (TBD) tapping.

When Function opened, Steve told NUVO, “We believe the best things in life are found in exploring and in taking risks with the way we always do things. A function is a way of arriving at a new outcome when a particular variable is thrown into the mix. Until you choose the variable and run the equation, you often have no way of knowing what the result will ultimately be.”

Their hands-on build-out as the first brewpub on the Square created an open-space décor and a menu of core and “something new” beers along with a “graze, nibble, munch” selection of hot and cold locally sourced seasonal food hand made when you order.
Their new brew on tap now is an example of Steve’s concept of ‘throw in a variable.’ Composite Scottish with Sage and Periodic Amber with cocoa nibs and Belgian candi sugar definitely thrusts you into a conversation. More at:


New brews & news

Sun King’s new lineup includes: Fistful of Hops our quarterly series of IPAs, each with the same malt base balanced against a seasonal "fistful of hops;" Malus Pi Belgian Wit made with apple cider, cinnamon and oats; Detasseler Imperial American Lager “brewed with the help of our friends at Husk, the addition of Indiana corn cobs to the boil provides the beer with a saporous sweetness and full flavor; Ring of Dingle, i a rich and roasty Irish-Style Dry Stout with a clean, dry finish. The beer is named after a scenic road network in Ireland that starts and ends in the city of Dingle.
Triton enthused, “It’s Rail Splitter IPA Can Week! Our new Wild Goose Canning Line is in the shop and ready to package our “Flagship Beer.” The release of our first can, Rail Splitter IPA hits the market this week! Look for 4-packs beginning around January 22! Grab some of our 16oz cans just in time for Beer Can Appreciation Day, January 24! The Rail Splitter IPA will be the only one of our brands that will be available in both 16oz cans and 12oz bottles.”

Black Acre is pouring a collaboration beer from Central State Brewing and Off Color Brewing.

Bier’s newest is The Sword Trappist Single.

Kahn’s at Keystone is featuring Upland Welcoming Committee Sampler Pack along with Sampler 12-pack bottles of single label favorites.

Thr3e Wise Men new on tap, Righteous Infliction English IPA 6% 60IBU English Pale Ale made with Maris Otter malt and hopped with UK Fuggles.

TwoDEEP’s new lineup: Helluvadortfest German Lager sports a sweet and subtle pear aroma, dry and bready mouthfeel, and a strong bitter finish from its rich Noble hops, and Project Mayhem American Red Ale. This sessionable American Red Ale, brewed with seventeen different malts for a roasty bitter punch.

Scarlet Lane’s second bottle release Dark Illusions Series is an experimental, small batch series of beers that highlight a mix of unique ingredients with experimental hops and malts.“Dark Illusions Volume 1 introduces a kettle sour ale of the finest malts married with a classic American Dark Ale and powered with cinnamon, coffee and cherries,” says Nick Servies. “A one-time 22oz bottle release of Tiberius Centurion IPA will follow.”


Grand Junction “released four new beers: Hop the Atlantic double IPA which was our previous collaboration with Great Fermentations, Ghost Lager, an India Pale Lager that utilized Mandarina Bavaria with lots of tangerine, peach, and apricot overtones, Udderly Chocolate milk stout, and a Mosaic Pale,” announced assistant brewer Spencer Mason. “Returning is Espresso Stout which uses Bee Coffee's Artemis Espresso.

Bloomington Brewing’s newest on tap at Lennie’s is Swashbuckler Oatmeal Stout “with enticing aromas of oatmeal and hints of coffee and layers of tastes growing from lovely balance between seven different malts and four different hops. Perfect with breakfast, brunch and anytime companion with chocolate, toffee and caramel inspired confections and desserts.

Half Moon Wild Cherry Wheat — This is an American Wheat Beer loaded with delicious red cherries. What more is there to say? Enjoy this cherry flavored wheat beer with some comforting chicken and noodles from the kitchen.

Great Crescent announced Bourbon Barrel Harmonie Bier Dark Lager, a replication of the first commercial beer brewed in Indiana with a recipe dating back to 1816, is on tap at the GCB Aurora taproom. “What better way to start celebrating the 200th anniversary of Indiana Statehood than with a special bourbon barrel-aged version of this awesome beer,” rhetorically asks brewmaster Dan Valas.

Also worth the visit to Great Crescent is their Aurora IPA Series. “Some are hoppier than others, some are stronger than others, some used more traditional hops and some used unique hop blends we created right here at the brewery - but one thing is for sure, each one of the beers in the Aurora IPA Series has been awesome. Right now we have the last one brewed in 2015, Aurora IPA Pac-Jade, brewed with New Zealand Pacific Jade, Chinook and Cascade hops,” informs Valas.

“We had so much fun creating a new and unique IPA with every batch we are continuing the Aurora IPA Series into 2016. The Aurora 2016 Series begins with an IPA crafted with Orbit Hops. What the heck are Orbit Hops?” Valas anticipates my question.

“Orbit hops are a unique blend of hops from New Zealand "Hops with a Difference" breeding program. Each year the Orbit hop blend is different and unique - so these hops we have from the 2015 crop year won't won't be coming around again.”

Cincinnati Pale Ale, brewed by David Mangles winner of the 2015 Aurora - Dearborn County Brewoff homebrew competition, is an American Style Pale Ale with some rye in the recipe. This one will be on tap around the third week of February so come on out and help us celebrate this award winning beer.

Coming in March at Great Crescentis a deep red, malty Doppel Bock crafted from a recipe by the Brewmaster at German Malting Co. Weyermann in Bamberg, Germany.



Saturday mornings yoga takes over at Sun King downtown brewery location and Triton at 5764 Wheeler Rd. Contact each for full information.

Every week, live music fills brewpubs and production brewery taprooms. Full data on NUVO Souncheck.

Jan 23: HopCat 1st Anniversary Party, 5 p.m. Black Acre owner Justin Miller reports “an over fifteen beer tap takeover at HopCat”

Jan. 23: TwoDEEP tap takeover at Rockstone Pizza downtown includes live trivia.

Jan. 23: South Bend Brewfest. While in the neighborhood stop at Saint John, Indiana and visit St. John Malt Bros Brewery & taproom., one of Indiana’s newest

Jan 24: Sun King downtown brewery location, 2-4 p.m., hosts The Indianapolis Art Center painting Pop-Up.

Jan. 28: Big Lug Canteen Winterfest Kick-Off Party with 14 featured breweries & Tripel as featured band, 8-11 p.m. in Upstairs event space. Just show up.

Jan. 30: Winterfest! At Indiana state Fairgrounds. Tickets HERE.

Jan 30: noon-3 p.m. The Crane Bay, 551 W. Merrill St., Q95 and Indiana Pork “are proud to bring you one of the tastiest events ever to hit Indianapolis: the second annual Indy Bacon Fest!” Tow Yard Brewing is the official beer
Sample bacon- and pork-inspired dishes from some of the best restaurants in Indy! Enjoy plenty of beer, full bars, and free parking.

Tickets: $25-$50. Includes four (4) free food samples from our vendors and one (1) free drink ticket. Additional food and drink tickets will be available for purchase on-site on the day of the event. VIP entry is 11 am.

Dammit, wrong Bacon. - WIKIPEDIA
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  • Dammit, wrong Bacon.

Jan 31: Sunday after Winterfest brunch at The Sinking Ship Broad Ripple, 11:30 a.m.; Sun King Chef's Night Off Indy brings you a 5 course brunch from top chefs from Indy, Chicago and beyond! “Each course has been carefully crafted to pair with beers from Sun King and our friends at 3Floyds (Munster, IN) and Revolution (Chicago).”

Here’s the full skinny from Beth Belange at Sun King:

Sun King and Chef’s Night Off have been working on a way to collaborate to put together two things that we at Sun King love: beer and food! (I have been working with the Ambassador of Awesome, RJ Wall) After I had a meeting with RJ, we discussed which of our craft beer friends that would be attending Winterfest that could possibly be involved in this unique brunch. At the time of infancy of the idea of this “hangover brunch", Courtney Baldy, pastry chef from Revolution Brewing based in Chicago, had confirmed. Sun King has a great relationship with Revolution as they have attended the CANvitational and are a part of the “CANarchy” - supporters of the canned craft beer movement. Our other partner for the event is 3Floyds. As a continuation of a great friendship with our pals at 3Floyds, we asked them to join us in brew, and 3Floyds Sous Chef, Chris Hernandez joined the brunch. 

Event link HERE.

Tickets HERE.


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