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Elephant Quiz is a jamband fanatic’s weirdest, most fantastic dream come true. Their music is self-described as “funky drums and bass with Kurt Kobain guitar-freakouts” and “gypsy punk-metal thrashing into a crunkass beat”. Wuhnurth 2010 attendees may already recognize the B-town band’s name; they were a last-minute addition to the Friday lineup after winning an intense online contest. Rumored to have excitingly passionate live shows and un-matchable dynamism, Elephant Quiz is creating quite a stir in the south and central Indiana music networks.

Elephant Quiz has been circulating the Bloomington music scene for nearly four years but have yet to officially release a debut album. Nonetheless, they’ve got a robust, eclectic repertoire of songs that range from reggae to hip hop to grunge to art rock. “Dream Fever” opens with a tantalizing lick that harmoniously bends up to create the song’s distinctive twang. Cue Soundgarden-era Chris Cornell vocals and drop in some mega-heavy guitar for the only song of its kind in the Elephant Quiz catalogue. A live recording of “Don’t Stop” features guest performers on saxophone, trumpet, and keys- a formula that effectively emulates Galactic’s powerful and brassy big band sound. “After Dark”, my favorite, gets strange and nefarious as the band sings over sparse instrumentation, “You better watch yourself after dark; that’s when evil things like to play.” The vocals are rapped, but at a much slower and groovier pace than others. “Raven” sees the band venture into the limitless realm of experimental rock and roll; six minutes and twenty five seconds of stoner-rock guitar melody and Of Montreal-esque falsetto nonsense.

Although Elephant Quiz has not released an album, a generous song selection resides on their MySpace and they plan to release a live DVD soon that features footage from a house party at which the band provided entertainment. They’re also in the process of arranging a small summer tour and are striving to hit as many festivals as possible in 2011. But the band’s first priority, according to management, is “maintaining the church bus the band bought a couple years back that they travel in. It is falling apart, so we are trying to find companies who may be willing to pay a couple bones to help maintain the beast. In return, we’ll allow them to place advertising for their organization on the side of the bus.”

Catch Elephant Quiz live in Indy on Friday January 21st at Birdy’s. They will share the stage with Greenwood-based Midwest State of Mind and Indy blues rockers Kyros.


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