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Checking in on Punks Don't Give A Fest


The Casulaties
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The annual Punks Don't Give A Fest takes a giant leap forward this year, after three years of substantial growth. While the previous two installments of the festival featured almost entirely local acts, this year's lineup shines with the addition of street punk demigods, The Casualties.

The Casualties have been an institution in modern punk since their inception in 1990. Their sound harkens back to the glory days of '80s hardcore punk. These days, Casualties fandom has become a right of passage for many young punks. Clearly, considering the sonic nature of the other 28 bands playing PDGAF this year, The Casualties are in their rightful place headlining the festival.

Playing with a slightly new configuration, Midtown hardcore phenomenon Pissartist, is clearly the local favorite on the bill.

Representing the local metal scene are heavy weights Kata Sarka and Boddicker. Both bands feature brutal imagery, heavy tunes and an overabundance of the color black.

In addition to a score of "Pirad" bands, like Iafrate and Subatomic, there are a few old-timer groups - namely Gay Black Republican - playing sets at this year's festival.

Essentially, it doesn't matter if you go to all-ages punk shows at the Hoosier Dome or frequently find yourself yourself stumbling around Punk Rock Night at the Melody Inn. Punks Don't Give a Fest is for all. And at $20 for the whole weekend, even the crustiest of punks should be able to enjoy the festivities. So dust off your old leather jacket or ask your mom to help you sew some patches on your hoodie and come mosh at the Hoosier Dome this weekend.


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