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Christmas music for the little ones


Kid Kazooey's Christmas carols.
  • Kid Kazooey's Christmas carols.

The holidays are here again and so is new music by Bloomington kid-music guru Kevin MacDowell. MacDowell, who performs as Kid Kazooey, is a regular at the Carmel Parks and Rec concerts, as well as many other regional venues. He's put together an album of traditional Christmas carols performed on ukelele, flute, guitars, and accordion.

"I know it's a last-minute offering to the Christmas music-buying public, but I didn't even intend to make this recording. It just spilled out of me through several all-nighters in my home recording studio," said MacDowell.

The CD is available in Bloomington at Landlocked Records and The Green Patch, and online on iTunes and Kid Kazooey's website.

These tracks are perfect for lullabies, tree decorating, cookie making and whatever other merriment you'll be getting up to this Christmasakkuh.

Sample a track from the album on the right of this post.

What's your favorite Christmas carol?


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