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Chuck Berry collapses at Chicago concert



Chuck Berry collapsed at a concert in Chicago Saturday night. Berry left the theater on his own and refused an ambulance. The Chicago Tribune quoted concert promoter Michael Petryshyn as saying, "Obviously, something was off. Fifteen minutes into the set, it went from fine to something wasn't right. He was starting songs mid-song, playing 15 seconds of a song."

After appearing to lose consciousness while seated at his piano, Berry, 84, was escorted off stage, then returned 20 minutes later after most of the auditorium had cleared out. He tuned up his guitar and tried to play before telling the audience he had no strength. He then did a variation of his legendary duck walk off stage.

Emergency crews gave Berry a check-up at the scene, Fire Department Spokesman Joe Roccasalva told the Chicago Sun-Times. But he said he “felt better” and signed a refusal for further medical treatment, Roccasalva said.


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