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Chunk of Arts Garden falls onto downtown street

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So this happened today. Part of the Arts Garden cracked apart and fell down onto the Washington and Illinois intersection downtown. We will update this story when we know what caused it.

UPDATE: Per Arts Council of Indy Facebook: "This afternoon, the #Artsgarden experienced a water main break under the floor, which caused a section of plaster on the exterior underside flooring to come loose over the intersection of Washington and Illinois Streets. IMPD immediately secured the area, and the loosened material was removed to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians. We want to reassure our visitors that this leak does not pose a danger to those in or around the Artsgarden, and will be repaired promptly," said Jeffrey Jones, Operations Director, Circle Centre Mall.

UPDATE: Per the the Arts Council of Indy. "An #Artsgarden water main burst causing minor exterior damage. Public safety officials are working to resolve situation"


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