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CNO Lands a Big Catch to benefit Lil’ Bub


I know you’re all tired of hearing about this from me. Sorry, but I love it, and it’s a unique thing happening in Indianapolis. Let’s review the details one more time: Chefs’ Night Off grabs line chefs from Indy’s best restaurants and lets them call the shots for one dish on one night. The event continues to grow and grab the interest of Indy’s tastemakers and food bloggers.

Well, hold on to your butts, because the latest dispatch about these dinners brings the most exciting news yet for the concept: the guys are flying in not only fresh-caught Alaskan fish, but they’re flying in the guys who caught them as well. Here are the players: Nic Mink of Sitka Salmon Shares, Marsh Skeele of Fishing Vessel Loon, Levi Egerton of Fishing Vessel Vallee Lee, Stuart Weathers of the El Tiburon, Adam Ditter of Bluebeard, Ryan Schleg of Recess and Cory Rascoe of The Local. The dinner will take place at two seatings Sunday Nov. 2 at Recess (4907 N College Ave)

Each of the chefs will be paired with a fisherman, who will help them figure out the best application of the fish. As is customary at these show-and-tell kind of dinners, both the chefs and the fishermen will give a brief explanation of their process.

And, as always, the dinner has a philanthropic angle as well. Front-of-house coordinator R.J. Wall, having recently adopted a sightless kitten, is sending some of the proceeds to the City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control as well as the Lil BUB's Big FUND for the ASPCA. Lil Bub’s fund helps care for animals born with deformities, blindness, deafness, mobility impairments, injuries caused by neglect, and other health issues that require special medical care before adoption.

As Wall succinctly predicted in the event description, “Let's be honest here, chefs and fishermen getting drunk together...It will get rowdy.” And since chefs are often compared to pirates, the fearless seafarers and the kitchening kind of people will get along famously, if quite drunkenly. In other words, this is not the restrained teetotaler’s dinner.

And if you’re wondering if you can drink as much as people who work in the deadliest conditions you can force yourself into for a paycheck, the answer is probably no. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still try (and then call an Uber).

Because of the exotic offerings and the charity angle, ticket prices are about ten bucks more than usual ($65 for either seating), and there will also be an available wine pairing menu for an additional charge.

So, just to recap: there will be fresh Alaskan seafood, sustainably fished, plus all the most righteous beards in Indianapolis (plus three no doubt impressive Alaskan ones), benefitting a fund to help get special needs animals the care they deserve. I’ll be there. Will you? 


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