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Colts cheerleaders reunite, smitten fans swoon



Thursday, I had the rare opportunity to attend and photograph the practice of the Colts Alumni Cheerleaders at the Colts Complex. There were one hundred seventy-six women performing; one hundred fifty former Colt Cheerleaders along with the twenty-six members of the new squad. The alumni and new squad were practicing for the Thirty Year Reunion of the Colts Cheerleaders dating from 1984 through 2012. The cheerleaders practiced for approximately five hours inside the the Colts Complex where temperatures inside were hotter than it was outside. An extraordinary amount of work went into the practice to get ready for the half-time celebration at Saturday's game against the Cleveland Browns.

Saturday came and the cheerleaders had one more opportunity to rehearse before the game. The half-time show went off perfectly. There were six squads and each squad performed to the music used when their squad was active. As they cheered, they were full of smiles, enjoying being back on the field performing with a purpose. The cheerleaders reunion happens every five years. It seems like a long time to wait to see the squads all together to perform and catch up on old times.


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