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Conan O'Brien records live rockabilly album; Fogerty in the heat



Approximately 300 people attended a played-pretty-straight rockabilly concert with Conan O'Brien, arranged last Friday by Jack White at his recording studio for Third Man Records in Nashville. Conan, his "Legally Prohibited" band and White performed cover songs together in a small room.

The setlist included Conan's parody of the Willie Nelson classic "On The Road Again," "The Weight" from The Band, the Stripes' "Seven Nation Army", "Rock This Town" from The Stray Cats and Eddie Cochran's "20 Flight Rock". The entire show was recorded on a reel-to-reel tape for a vinyl release. The band even had to stop the show halfway through, so engineers could change tapes and continue recording.

Rob's Take:
O'Brien, just off his successful comedy tour that ended Monday night in Atlanta, may just be savvy enough and smart enough (I've never met him - how would I really know?) to take what he was given/taken away with the Tonight Show, and create a "Coco brand" for himself that is already stronger than anything he would have had with ten more years on the Tonight Show.

The tour was a brilliant move, taking advantage of the buzz of TV's chop. From all accounts, the live shows were big fun, and now O'Brien (and his team of writers) moves into a focus of pushing all parts and created pieces of his new cable show, in preparation for a November TBS debut. Reading a recent post on his blog on the website, one can tell O'Brien has an understanding about how to succeed in 2010: you launch an all-available-digital media plan, focusing on all the avenues that you can control coupled with whatever help your partner, TBS, can give. And what are they going to say to an idea? No? A rockabilly album, released on vinyl? Go for it.

from Conan O'Brien's blog
" Chicago with Andy, Deon, Matt, and a few others, to prepare for the taping of the TBS special "Team Coco Presents: The Conan Writers Live!" I'll be blogging and doing videos from there, as well as releasing more behind the scenes stuff from our Legally Prohibited Tour that I just couldn't get to while we were out on the road as well as FINALLY talking about the actual shows."

What the dismissal from NBC means for media watchers is we apparently get to witness a burning-bright team lay the blueprint for succeeding is the media business: Be smart, take all opportunity to create and show that intelligence, be irreverent with that same intelligence, and look like you are having a fucking blast.

Gotta be hard to do, or more performers would do it this way.

One day after their album release for "American Slang", The Gaslight Anthem will play on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Wednesday night (June 16)

Finally, I am lovin' the combination of a 90 degree day, an afternoon outdoor show, and an inspired take on one of his classic rock and roll songs, from a guy who most would call old. And I guess he is. But so what? With Indiana's Kenny Aronoff slamming the drums, John Fogerty gives some bite to what was/is an acoustic guitar-driven song. And it's rock and roll.

"Have You Ever Seen the Rain" - live at Bonnaroo


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