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Construction begins on White River zip line course



White River Zip Lines is the latest attraction to come from the same group behind White River Paintball and Indy Scream Park. Thy've begun construction on a $1 million course that will feature eight different zip line runs, 75-foot launch platforms and a 1,000-foot dual zip line.

The idea dates back to when Indianapolis hosted Super Bowl XLVI and a temporary zip line was built on Capital St.

"The popularity of it was actually bigger than most people had anticipated. People were selling their tickets for $200. There was a waiting list for it," White River Zip Lines Marketing Director Jon Pianki said.

Benjamin Nagengast, CEO of White River Zip Lines, traveled to several large zip line courses on the West Coast to research the possibility of building a permanent course in Indiana.

"We decided to gather some of the best minds in the industry to design and build a massive, state-of-the-art course that would be a permanent attraction in Indianapolis," Nagengast said.

Construction of the zip line course began on Jan. 6 and is on pace to be finished in mid to late April.

"We've been having a little bit of a problem with weather but not too bad. We're still pretty much on schedule. We were back about a week but we were able to catch up," project overseer Brad Alcoe said.

The course will cover a total distance of one mile and offer four dual zip lines for racing as well as a chance for travelers to reach speeds of 25 mph.

As far as a target audience, Pianki said, "Adventure seekers, anyone who really wants the experience of flying."

He also hopes it will attract not only people from Central Indiana and the rest of the state but out-of-state thrill seekers as well.

When finished the course will become one of the biggest in the Midwest.

Pianki didn't rule out expansion either.

"There is a step two, a step three of what we're actually planning on doing with these zip lines that is going to take it beyond just zip lines. It's going to be a lot of fun," Pianki said.


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