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Cory Williams releases album tonight at Radio Radio


Cory Williams (submitted photo)
  • Cory Williams (submitted photo)

Indiana musician Cory Williams finds himself releasing his first solo record at age 34. After time spent fronting the band Red Moon, he's come up with a sound that echoes the styles of both Bob Marley and Dave Matthews Band. Williams says his goal when making music is to have something for people to think about or to feel good about - for it to become part of their world. That's where he get's his inspiration for writing it. Williams will officially release his new album tonight at Radio Radio.

NUVO: What influences your music the most?

Williams: As of late, it's just been relationships ... I see things through other people, what they're doing and I'll go home and write about it. Like, if I saw something at the grocery store that cracked me up or whatever it would be, you know? Just things that are going on, day-to-day activities, nothing political.

NUVO: So, just a lot of people-watching?

Williams: Oh, that's my favorite thing to do in the world.

NUVO: The music of Dave Matthews and Bob Marley really shine through your music; do you feel that when you listen back to it?

Williams: Yeah, I would say that. Dave Mathews is one of the bands that I latched on to. I was like "Whoa, this is what I want to do," because I saw how they created this grassroots entity of who they were. You thought growing up, "I'd go to school and I'd go get a job." I didn't know that this could be an actual job. That was the first time that I actually realized, "Wow, you could actually do that. People could do that. People do that." I didn't realize that was something that was real.

NUVO: You began playing solo, but formed a band. Why did you decide to go back solo to release your first album?

Williams: I just went back to my own name. I still have this whole band. As bands go, so do personalities. Everybody's personalities get in the way and people's lives change.

NUVO: What do you want people to get out of your music?

Williams: Just to think a little bit. I would want anyone to have is hopefully a good feeling, a good vibe, then they can take the words as they want, like for their own world. Hopefully, it will hit home (for) them. This CD is pretty important to me for that, like the outcome of where you're at today, so I'm sure some of this may hit home to some people.

NUVO: If you had to have an "actual job," - like what you were talking about before - what would it be?

Williams: For years, I sold advertising. It'd be a sales job of some sort. You're always selling yourself with music [or] with anything you have to sell yourself. So it'd be some kind of sales job I guess ... WALKIE TALKIES! I would sell walkie-talkies.


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