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Interested in cosplay after reading this week's coverage? Here's a few local resources to help.


Join INDIANA COSPLAYERS on the Facebook — you’ll connect with over 1500 folks in Central Indiana who share your interests.

And Sewing is Half The Battle! is “a cosplay group based in central Indiana (though we love to travel!). We produce costumes for exhibition or competition at various events around the country, and very occasionally provide costuming services for other professional organizations. We also teach workshops on costuming, materials, prop and armor construction, presentation, and more. We love cosplayers and cosplay, and we particularly love helping novices get started!” 

For info on the 501st and the Rebel Legion, go to; check out to see locally crafted Star Wars belts and rank bars.


The Circle City Aerodrome are “a community of people who support each other in creating safe spaces to design, present and immerse themselves in the Steampunk aesthetic,” and their mission is “to promote an understanding and participation in Steampunk arts and culture in Indiana.” 

For customs corsets and the like from Leila Breton, drop her a line at


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