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Craft beer and costumes at Winterfest



Beyond the craft beer, there's crafting of fun. Valerie Green shares Flat 12's lead into "costuming." Flat12 was one of the first breweries to bring a costumed beer theme to Indiana festivals. It's typically a tradition at established festivals, and every year we've challenged ourselves to keep it fresh and original while tying it back to a special beer lineup.

"The Flat12 team works hard and plays hard," says Green. "Our brewers spend a lot of time cooped up in the back of a dark, cold, brewery doing some strenuous work to bring beer to the masses, so when they get a chance to get out in front of people, they like to have fun. Winterfest is a big family reunion for all of us, a place where we can have fun with other breweries, catch up with industry friends, interact with other craft beer lovers, and talk about what we do.

"We love to see more of our brewery friends participating and coming up with their own original themes. Our friends at Black Acre are taking it to the next level with their concepts. They brought a really cool Top Gun theme for 2014 Winterfest, a hilarious pirate theme at 2015 Summerfest, and Superhero Villain's for 2015 Winterfest."

Some notable Flat12 themes from past festivals include 2014 Winterfest's Mexican wrestling "Luchador" concept with Mexican themed brews like a Taco beer and a Margarita Saison, 2013 Summerfest's Bowling theme which included 10 pins, 2014 Bloomington Beer Fest's Carnie theme where the Cotton Candy Tripel was debuted, and a "Science Experiment" theme with Mad Scientist brewers featuring beers brewed with experimental hops.

Green will only give this hint at their costumes: "Phone a friend and Come on Down! Survey says.. you won't want to miss it. And that's our final answer."

Justin Miller reveals the Black Acre crew is dressing up as Waynes and Garths from the movie Wayne's World this year.


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