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Deerhoof cassette due on Joyful Noise



Local indie Joyful Noise Recordings announced yesterday that they've just lassoed another mighty big name on the experimental music scene. Deerhoof's album Deerhoof vs. Evil will be released on cassette by Joyful Noise on January 25, coincident with the album's release on LP and CD on Polyvinyl, with whom the band signed last week.

This will be the third Polyvinyl band to be released on cassette by Joyful Noise. Joan of Arc came first, when the label put together an ultra-rare, well-crafted 10-box career retrospective of the band's work, housed in a super-sturdy, rough-hewn box. Joan of Arc has been on several different labels in its long and variegated life, with Polyvinyl being the most recent stop. Labelheads got wind, and a rep at Polyvinyl came calling, asking Karl at Joyful Noise if he'd be interesting in putting out a cassette version of Of Montreal's new one False Priest. The answer, naturally, was yes, and less than 50 cassettes are left from that first batch of red, hand-numbered cassettes, each packaged with download code and a 12-panel booklet of artwork, because, with Of Montreal, it's almost as much about the detailed, Darger-esque artwork as it is about the music.

And now the San Francisco-based band, which stops by Bloomington regularly enough and will, maybe, possibly, consider Indianapolis on a tour itinerary having now established this connection, will enter the world of limited-edition cassettes with an limited edition of 500, hand-numbered, green-tinted cassettes, each of which, of course, coming with a digital download offering high-fi formats. Pre-orders are now being accepted.

Take a listen to "The Merry Baracks"
from the upcoming Deerhoof record.

And Josh Flynn wrote more about the Joan of Arc and Of Montreal releases back in August.


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